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Monday, July 16, 2012

Vintage Market Update

Here's some pictures of my space at the Junk Restore Vintage Market that was held Saturday.  This show was held in a home that was way out in the middle of nowhere (San Tan Valley, AZ) and there was rain- After setting up I honestly had really low expectations- However, I sold half of my merchandise and came in at $950 in just 7 hours!  I was super happy and Tara, the coordinator, was so easy and fun to work with.  Take a look at some of my trash...

 I'll start from the left and go right:  The red cabinet was a recent garage sale find for $10- it did not sell, but the two scales hanging on the front did.  The Love quote was a project I made for the show- I used a projector and traced the words on wood and then hand painted them- tons of work, but it sold for $49.50 so It was worth it.  All of the green glass canning jars sold as well as one of the printer drawers
The cream candlesticks sold (they kind of blend in with the wall)  The galvanized bucket and several of the thermos' sold.  The scrabble "READ" sold as well as the crate and curio.   The turquoise copper foot table was a $15 estate sale find- I love the color- it didn't sell, so it's now down at Qcumberz. 
 This little dresser was such a great piece.  It has a little pull out desk surface above the top drawer.  It was $10 at an estate sale.  I added tortoise shell like knobs from hobby lobby and it sold for $150.  The barn wood box and green jars sold, as well as the little sewing cabinet drawer.
 The turquoise candlestick set sold as well as the cream table with copper feet.  We actually picked up the table for $1 at an estate sale- it was in the back of a shed in 2 pieces with no hardware.  How happy we were to find the original hardware in one of the drawers!  The little yellow table and stacks of coverless antique books also sold.
 This sweet little gray table was just $3 at a garage sale.  I had to completely re-glue all the joints- but I love how it turned out.  It did not sell, but is getting a second chance at the shop.  The crate sold, but not the buoys.
 This hand painted love bird sign was one of my favorite projects for the show.  It ended up getting hung in the space next to mine (no nails in my space) and then furniture was set in front of it.  When I took it down at the end of the show, one of the vendors was surprised it had been for sale- she said it looked like it belonged to the homeowner (lots of things were left on the walls that were not for sale) and she saw people looking at it and told them it wasn't for sale- that's okay- it's now down at the shop. I'm sure I'll be making more of these in the future- I can see them in a nursery or for a wedding- there's the perfect space to write a name and date in the corner above the birds.
 I ended up making several signs for this show.  The market sign sold
 The antiques
 and the grocery sign did not sell
but this love sign did.  I guess this is just a hit and miss business.  I had so much fun preparing for this show- something about having a deadline helps me get work done.  I'll be participating in another show- Junk In The Trunk- September 15 out in Westworld.  I'll be posting more information as it gets closer- it will be an outdoor venue where we set up our space and stay there to man it.  I'd love to have you guys come out and visit- it's fun to put a name with a face.  Let me know what project was your favorite.  Love, Kelly.


  1. Oh I wish I lived closer! I think I'm in love with that little gray table and the love bird sign. Both would look great in my work-in-progress nursery. (Adore the love sign too and would have had the perfect spot for it.)

  2. I am enamored with your 'Love' sign! And the love birds too. Post a tutorial, pretty please?! :)

  3. Junk Restore is getting lots of great press and are ranked high for best around town, along with Sweet Salvage. What a great hook-up. I know you're going to go far.

  4. I am obsessed with the love quote sign that you made with the projected words. So creative!!

  5. I wish we were closer too. Estate sales around here would have priced a table like that at a minimum of $200.00 - hardware or not. :( Wish we could attend your shows, too. Loved the look of your space - you did a great job of displaying without the cluttered look - a problem I have. LOL

    My fav project was the Market sign. Any chance you'll be doing a tutorial?? hint-hint?? : )