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Friday, April 29, 2011

50's Rockin' Reception Invitations

My latest project: 457 handmade invitations for my daughters reception!Here they are all ready to send out! What's inside? Take a look...
A record! We were able accumulate just the number of 45 records we needed from garage sales over the past few months. We made a custom CD/DVD label that fit right over the original. Here's side one:
To announce that dinner will be served we added, "Diner will be open" Here's side two:
This is the more formal side, but we did say "Kevin and Kelly Biggs are all shook up to announce the marriage of their daughter... These were fun to make and fairly inexpensive- The real cost is in the postage. They charge $1.08 with no special handling or $1.71 and they won't run them through the machine- I've paid the surcharge in the past, but have discovered they still run them through the machine- so I opted for the $1.08 postage. We were able to hand deliver a little over 100 invites, so that saved some too. I budgeted $800 for invitations and we came in at $703.00. That includes ink ($64.00), CD/DVD labels,($103.00) records ($36.00), envelopes ($108.00), address labels ($17) and postage ($375.00) . We caught a break when we found a box of 300 CD/DVD labels at a garage sale for $3.00 (normally $50 a box) and were able to order the other labels off of ebay for only $24 per box. So far we're under budget- but we still have food, sets, lighting and more that can really add up. I'll keep you posted as we create our own version of a Rockin' 50's Reception! Love, Kelly.


  1. Those are super cute, and QUITE clever. Though this does NOT surprise me from you! Run over to my blog today, I featured a super creative wedding invite, think you will LOVE it.

  2. Aww, bummer. If I knew I would have happily sent you my box of 300 cd labels I bought at a garage sale for $2. I have had them for a while and never used them! Looks very cute! Please tell me you're using regular size records for charger plates!??!?!?

  3. You must down tons of those 5 HR ENERY drinks because I do not see how you can do everything you are doing, and still have creative juices flowing like you do. These invites are so cool, and are PERFECT!! Great job!

  4. how do you do everything? you continue to amaze me. now, i wonder what the mother of the bride will be wearing??

  5. I am so impressed by everything you do. You are an amazing woman! Great Job!

  6. 457 people?? That right there is enough to make me bow to you as the almighty goddess of event planning. Can't wait to see how this unfolds. Too bad I'm already married or I'd be frantically taking notes. Actually, my daughter just turned 10 -- I guess I could start taking notes for her big day!

  7. SO creative! I love following your blog. Inspiring ideas! I am sure you have seen this, but I just saw it...It was a regular size record used as a the guest sign in book! So Cute...then they put it in a shadow box. I can't wait to see the rest of your fabulous ideas!


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