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Thursday, April 16, 2020

30-Day Intermittent Fast - What Did I Learn

Intermittent fasting is like travel – you’ll never know the places you’ll end up unless you plan your trip, pack your bags, get on that plane and go. I’m so thankful I had the chance to fast for the last 30 days.

When I decided to fast last month, the corona virus was starting to be mainstream news, but I had no idea how monumental it would be to fast during this time. We had just returned from spring break in San Diego and had the best time. All the restaurants were open, no problem with lodging, we spent the days at the beach, even went to a Disney breakfast.

I can’t believe how quickly life has changed. It’s so sad and scary, but I do have faith we will recover from this.

I love intermittent fasting. I truly believe it’s kept me healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and blessed me spiritually. 

After I had my 7th baby Ruby in September 2018, I started intermittent fasting again November 2018 to March 2019 because my little boy Canyon was having serious medical problems. You can read about that here and here. Every day, up all night, recovering from a c-section, bonding with my new baby, dealing with postpartum, completely overwhelmed when Canyon had another serious seizure and spent three days in the pediatric ICU. The doctors thought Canyon’s condition was terminal and God all mighty, I started fasting and praying every day that his health would be restored, he would be made whole and that I wouldn’t have to watch him die.

In March 2019 after 4 months of waiting, we received the miracle news that despite having nearly every symptom, Canyon did not have the terminal illness they thought he did. Our family rejoiced and there’s still not a day that goes by that I don’t reflect on this miracle in our lives. Oh, and I lost 10 pounds from intermittent fasting.

I love walking in the morning.
I want to express intermittent fasting is so much bigger to me then weight loss. Don’t get me wrong, I love that it’s for weight loss because who doesn’t want that nice reward, but I truly believe fasting is a gift from God to restore our health, heal our children, bless our nation, grow spiritually, give to the poor and whatever else God has in mind. 
After all, it’s His law.

During this 30-day fast, I have been praying every day for our nation thinking this was probably why I’d been motivated to do a 30-day challenge at this time, but something happened a couple of days ago that really surprised me. I was feeling really good, but something I thought I’d resolved came up again. I was out on a run in the morning and I felt impressed to fast to help me understand how I should handle what I was going through. I immediately felt so empowered. Wow, I was in a position to turn to God in a fasted state and ask for help. God is so amazing and throughout that run, He spoke to me, made impressions in my mind, helped me understand in ways I would have never considered on my own what I needed to do. By the time I ran back home, I felt light as air. Everything had been fixed. My perspective had totally shifted, my attitude changed and my confidence restored.

For the last 30 days, I was praying and fasting for the world. I didn’t think there was enough room in my fast for me to personally receive such a gift, but God is like that. He loves to surprise us with more. More love, more health, more inspiration, more purpose, more awareness, more growth. More, more, more! He never stops. He’s so good. The God of more!! 

Because of my 30-day fast, I'm going to donate to Rising Star Outreach, to a fund they've started called My 100 daughters, to help those in need. I encourage you to participate in this part of the fast and to let helping those who go without be part of your fasting journey. Giving to the poor and hungry is why God asks us to fast. I promise you will be blessed, even surprised how God restores your offering. How much should you give? It would mean everything to me if you would sponsor a girl. It costs $1.00 per day. If 100 of us did this, my daughter Eden and I would be able to reach our goal and sponsor 100 daughters.

Read more about my 100 daughter project here.

I don’t own a scale. The scale seem to sabotage my wellness journey, so I ditched them about 5 years ago. I occasionally weigh myself at the gym or when I go to the doctor, but other then that, no thank you.

So I tried on some clothes today to see how my body has changed over the past 30 days. I really appreciate that just like my spirit, mind and heart, my body has changed too. Based on how my clothes fit, I figure I’ve lost about 5 pounds. 

I haven't been able to wear this dress since two babies ago!!
I found this old 2013 picture with my Wilma Flintstone necklace I found at Goodwill! The dress is from Goodwill too!!

Yesterday I illustrated a coloring page for you to print off, color and tape somewhere for you to be reminded of your success. Congratulations. This has been awesome. I love you guys.

Just left click the image above, copy and paste it in a word document to print.

Also, tomorrow, April 17, I’m starting another 30-day fast. If you want to go another round of this incredible practice, let’s do it!! I will go through the struggles, inspiration, hunger, benefits, frustration, growth and fulfillment right along with you. What else does God have in store? 

If this is your first time trying intermittent fasting, or if you are an experienced intermittent faster looking to prolong your fasts, I encourage you to try the Fastwell products. I was finally able to do my fist 24-hour fast.

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