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Friday, June 7, 2013

My Latest Thrift Store Finds

While vacationing in California, I hit up the Goodwill in Newport.  I've been there before, as it's where I like to find my souvenirs.  Year after year I bring home great trash.  This year, I found this cute little antique table.  
Here's the before:
And here's the after:

I’m surrounded by Goodwill thrift stores.  There must be over a dozen here in Mesa and many more in the Phoenix area.  I don’t know if the thrift store industry is booming because of the poor economy or perhaps because we all have so much trash we want out of our homes and willing donate.  Whatever it is, every few miles, there’s another Goodwill store to find.  I have certain stores that are my favorite and I always find something I can’t live without.

Yesterday was Thursday; $1.00 day, so my first mission was to look through the clothes.  I was in the kids section when I noticed plenty of great toys too.  Toys can be hit or miss.  Most of the time they are broken or dirty, but yesterday I was looking at beautiful toys, many still with the tags on them.  With the kids out of school, I was excited to bring home a few things for them to play with.

A few weeks ago while shopping at a Scottsdale Goodwill, I found over 30 Littlest Pet Shop toys, each priced at .25 cents each.  
Goodwill has orange bins in the kids section full of old toys, Lego’s and other little toys lost from sets or not very useful.  Most of the time there’s nothing good to find in these bins, but I appeared to hit the jackpot.  I picked out the kitties & puppies and was ready to check out when I figured for .25 cents, I should bring them all home; fish, seal, caterpillar, piggy, etc.  Well, I’m so glad I did because these toys are all Eden wants to play with now. 

So while at Goodwill yesterday, I found a My Little Pony Ferris wheel priced at $2.99, perfect for littlest pet shop toys too.  
While at Knott’s Berry Farm, Eden loved the Ferris wheel so she knows exactly how this thing worked.

Reef, Mayer and their cousin had fun with this new 100-piece puzzle of the Mesa Temple I picked up for $1.99.  It didn’t take them long to finish it up. 

Reef is totally into dinosaurs, so he was so excited to have this stamp set to play with.
A few weeks ago while out at yard sales I found this darling child’s settee couch.   Eden is using it for her new Goodwill babies.  She's such a great mommy.
Yesterday on the way home, I drove through my neighborhood and stopped at a house that appeared to be having a garage sell.  The yard was full-I mean entirely full of household items, clothes, Christmas décor, etc.  I was interested in a few things, so I knocked on the door.  The owner said she was moving and I could take anything I wanted for free.   
Here’s what I came home with. 

and these Neimen Marcus Lenox Kate Spade champagne glasses.
I can’t to start working on redoing the little antique U-shaped table I brought home, all while the kids stay entertained  with their new toys (hopefully).   
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  1. Wow! I have to move to your area for the great thrift and free finds and also for the warm weather. We are still cold here in Michigan!

  2. Great finds - and the last bit - you have to love free!

  3. Wow. I love what you did to that cute little antique table. I love Goodwill!

  4. i love thrift store find posts!