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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dresser Love

Every once in a while I find a really, really big dresser at the thrift store.
A dresser that if I stood it up, would be taller then my 6’5 husband.

Every once in a while I find a really big dresser that looks like it’s been through a domestic violence dispute.  It’s scratched, dinged and bruised, but lived to tell. 

And every once in a while the drawers of this really big dresser weigh more then my five year-old son.  The large metal fixtures one each drawer could be removed and used as weapons of war.

Seems like a big project, like a humongous hairy dog sitting on the side of a busy road that needs a good home.  Everything points to the answer no, don’t do this, this won’t be worth it - so why is my heart swooning laps of love around the idea of taking this really, really big dresser home and taking care of it?

And then later that day, something interesting happens at Home Depot.

I find the color.

Every once in a while I find a paint color that actually puts me in a better mood.
A paint color that makes me want to redo my kitchen cabinets.
A paint color that I’m certain will be the next big thing and I have to have it.

But, normally -- maybe not ever -- have I found a really, really big dresser and a great can of oops! paint on the same day.

And then, like the moment you realize your best friend and your cousin (who happens to live in another state) would be the perfect couple and you make a mental note to set them up on a blind date next times he's in town, yes, just like that moment when you realize these two would compliment each other and you have to see them together. . . 

Look who ended up together?

Ok, so I have to apologize for going all Gillian Flynn on you, but I'm reading Gone Girl and I'm so taken by how this girl can write.

I mean the metaphors and descriptive writing literally blows my mind.  I've never read another author, ok, maybe Dan Brown, who has such a command of the English language.  It's like "Is this girl even trying?" because she makes masterful writing look so easy.  So, I'm all caught up in this world where it takes a page and a-half a page to describe the texture of a pink cashmere sweater and I wanted to try a bit of writing like that on my own.

Thanks for bearing with me.


  1. loving the writing style of this post, and LOVE Gillian Flynn! you should read sharp objects, too.

  2. How much are you going to sell this baby for? It's beautiful!