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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Broken Appliance Syndrome

I’m not sure about you, but at my house when something breaks it doesn’t just end there.  At my house, things seem to brake in pairs? 

Let me explain that the counselor and I are not fixer-upper kind of people.  We are not blessed with such a gift. If anything, we tend to have the opposite affect on things that are broken - as in our efforts only make matters worse.  I tell the counselor he can fix a failing marriage, but he can't fix a leaky toilet.  And what about me?  I can make cookies in 10-minutes flat, do up a mean French braid, but don’t ask me to fix a broken cabinet door or creaky ceiling fan.  I can’t fix it and either can the Mr.

So, a few weeks ago my dishwasher broke.  I knew it was on its last leg (or peg leg), but when my kitchen sink backed up too, I was in a hurry to get everything fixed.  I tried, like a city girl in high-heals tries to fix her car that won't start, but I knew before I took anything apart it was a lost cause. 

It took a few days to schedule a plumber to come out, so I started doing research on purchasing a new dishwasher.  I love shopping, but dishwasher shopping isn't quite what I have in mind for a fun day out.  I shopped around a bit online and was discouraged to realize the BOSCH dishwasher I wanted was $600.
Yes, the joys of home-ownership!

So, on a whim I did a craigslist search for a BOSCH dishwasher.  Wouldn’t you know it, several were available.  I called on a $200 used BOSCH, but it was a ways from my home.  Plus, could I really spend $200 on a used dishwasher.  What if I got it home and it didn’t work properly? 

Well, the next day, I did another BOSCH search and for $25 (and just a few miles away) I found one and in about ½ hour, I was the proud new owner.  The person who sold it to me said it worked fine, he just wanted to trade out his appliances for stainless steal.

The plumber fixed the sink and traded out the broken dishwasher for the new one . . . and then . . .
my refrigerator broke.

Chandler was the first one to notice the milk was warm and spoiled; curds and all.

I didn’t even consider purchasing a new one.  I immediately did a craigslist search for refrigerators and found another person trading out appliances for stainless steal.  That’s when I wondered if there was something wrong with me because I seem to be the only person in my city who doesn’t mind having non-stainless steal appliances.

I quickly got past that, because my "new to me, but used" two-year old immaculate Amana refrigerator, with working ice maker included was $280.  I looked my model up online and it runs around $1200.
So there you have it.  I may not have the trendiest kitchen (do bisque and black really go together?), but I was able to get everything updated on a tight little budget.

And Chandler informed me last night the dryer doesn’t turn on.  Here I go again.


  1. Love Craigslist... great finds..
    tip on the dryer... we recently needed a new one, NOW... just looking at Lowe's for what prices were, came across "top of the line" in the scratch & dent section... paid for a new washer & dryer, much less than for one new one in the good section of the store.... & they deliver & remove the old ones for free... (same with Home Depot)

  2. I've had stainless steel appliances....hated them. They're so hard to keep looking clean! Every little fingerprint shows.

  3. I too would much rather be the proud owner of "mis-matched" appliances than pay retail. Kudos to you. After all a matchy matchy kitchen is rather boring. I did see some pretty cute fridges painted in chalk board black on pinterest and we all know that even though you claim not to be a handy person you certainly know how to give a beautiful face lift with your paint. Thanks for inspiring as usual!

  4. That's nice. Personally, I wouldn't mind spending a little bit more on, say, a refrigerator that I know will work right and that is built to withstand at every single aspect. By the way, how's your ref doing? Been planning to get an ice maker myself, but when it comes with the ref...

  5. They all seem to break down one after the other. Your local mechanic must really love you by now. Haha! I wouldn’t mind having mismatched appliances, as long as they’re all in working order and I got them for such a bargain price! I guess the stainless steel thing is just to make them look standard. That, and they tend to last longer than most non-stainless steel ones.

  6. It really is a pain in the neck when one problem leads to another. However, as they say, in every problem there’s a silver lining, and for you that is your new refrigerator and dishwasher. It’s a good thing that you got a good deal out of it. Let's hope the dryer gets working and that no problems come up in the next few months!

    Lashon Cheatham @ All About Air

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