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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Birthdays

I have five beautiful children, three of which were born in the month of April.

Happy Birthday Mayer
Kind, sensitive, affectionate; this is my boy who probably wishes he was an only child.  Mayer is my thoughtful risk-taker, much different from a dare devil or show-off.  

He’s calculated in his choices (thank heavens because he loves skateboarding) and incredibly social.  He loves his friends.  He’s my only child when dropped off at a friend’s house will forget to kiss me good-bye.  There are times he comes to me and shares an experience he’s had with prayer or feeling the love of God in his life.  His independence can get him in trouble because he thinks he can do things better then his big brothers, or even his mom and dad. 

Happy Birthday Eden
Little miss sunshine informed me today she’s no longer a baby. Excuse me?  Don’t I have a say in that?  She is as girly as they come.  If it has glitter, princesses or anything baby doll, she wants it.  My make up has already been altered by little fingers, including missing make-up brushes.  I found her putting eye shadow on her baby doll the other day.  
Nail polish applications are as necessary as eating and drinking.  Too many tutu’s to count, imaginary princess friends and now, I’m afraid to step into Target lest we get stuck in the toy aisles.  We were at the pet store and she cried for a good ten minutes when I made her put back the doggy tutu's.

Happy Birthday Payson
Now this child is my dare devil.  I compare him to Dash from the movie The Incredibles.  He’s incredibly coordinated, athletically gifted and fiercely competitive.  Can anyone say pro-athlete!  His sense of humor is contagious, has a knack for drawing comics and always has a friend close by.  He grows more and more handsome each day and has always loved fixing his hair.  When he was younger he wanted gum and hand sanitizer for his birthday.  This year he’s asking for a $250 pro-scooter.  Well see about that.    


  1. Aww. How sweet. So many birthdays during April for my family as well.

    I love how each child is so unique and that you know them so well. (I can relate to your girly daughter lol)

    Happy Birthday! Hope it is filled with plenty of yummy sweets for all of them!


  2. Beautiful children! I hope they all have wonderful Birthdays.