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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Recently, I’ve had some unexpected surprises in my life. 
While watching my super-star son Payson play in a basketball tournament, a voice behind me caught my attention.
  I turned around and looked into the eyes of someone surprisingly familiar. 
Do you see the man sitting directly behind the counselor?
“Were you the voice of Mr. Cobra Bubbles in Lilo and Stitch?” I asked.
I’m usually not this forward, but if you heard this man’s voice I promise you would’ve asked the same thing.
“Yes,” he said.
He said YES!
He introduced himself as Ving Rhames.  He also introduced the counselor and I to his wife and pointed out their son playing on the opposing team of our son.  During the game, Ving cheered for Payson and we cheered for his son.  Ving, a Golden Globe winner, also stared in Pulp Fiction, Mission Impossible and Con Air.  He was so cool and it was great to meet him.
Yeah! Unexpected for sure!
So, when the counselor decided to plant a garden, he discussed with me which vegetables I would most like to have.  We picked zucchini, egg plant, tomatoes, green beans and yellow crookneck squash.
But, something unexpected happened.
What are these?
You guessed it. 
We have a garden full of pumpkins.
Notice, pumpkins were never purchased as seeds, nor even planted in the garden, or so we thought. 
After some investigation, we realized egg plants didn’t make it up.  Could it be the egg plant seed were accidentally/unexpectedly pumpkin seed in disguise? 
Looks like I’m making lots of pumpkin bread in the middle of June.
I ran into the thrift store hoping to find some great trash to re-sell.  
I looked around and didn't see anything that catch my eye, until I unexpectedly saw this.
It's in perfect condition, real leather and has a modern European look to it.  
I hope to make some great money off this.
Out of all the trash I've brought home recently, this piece unexpectedly sold the fastest.
I posted it on craigslist and had about 10 people call on it.
I wish I had about 10 more of them to sell.
But, unexpectedly, this beautiful China Hutch hasn't sold.
I thought for sure it would be gone by the end of the day, but it hasn't found the right person yet.
When I saw this huge book shelf, I knew I wanted it, but I'd never sold a book shelf before.  It's always a bit tricky to purchase a piece of trash for the first time.  After my initial investment, would it be worth my time to resale?   This book shelf was so cool and worth the risk.
After I brought it home, I noticed the very small sticker on back.
Unexpectedly, I realized it was from Crate & Barrel and worth about $600.00.
What a great surprise and it's already sold.
The last week of school, Chandler worked on his end of year project; to be a character in the school Wax Museum.  All his classmates were to pick a famous American Hero to dress up as.  They had to prepare and memorize a one minute speech, highlighting the life of their hero.
Chandler picked to be Mark Twain.
For his part, he needed crazy hair, a sport coat and bow tie.
Thanks to $1.00 day clothes at Goodwill, he looked spiffy.
Unexpectedly, I ran into one of his classmates who picked to be Rachel Carson.  
Since Rachel Carson is my hero, I had to have a picture with her.
Isn't she beautiful.
What's happened to you unexpectedly lately?


  1. Please, please, please post purchasing and selling prices for the items you are posting on Craigslist! When I first started reading this blog in January, what kept me hooked was seeing what you paid for an item at a garage sale and what you sold it for -- it is always a big difference! It inspires me! Please keep posting prices paid and sold!

  2. Recognize him from his voice??!! I'd just recognize him! Pulp fiction is my all time favorite movie!! I'm with newsed, I'm sure doing that same thing all the time must get boring butttt Kelly doesn'treally do trash for cash anymore only higher sellers and it would be fun to see how you do on craigslist, you seem to be doing really well (which I am so glad!). Anyway just a thought, have a great weekend!

  3. Hehe Your pumpkins are making me laugh because a similar thing happened to me! We planted squash in our garden, but last Halloween my kids and MIL left the carved pumpkin seeds all over the yard so we have pumpkins everywhere, including the squash beds.

  4. Okay Laura, I was just looking for a certain item on ebay and there was one listed. The seller has 50% positive feedback. No, that is not a typo, 50% positive feedback. How does this seller still have items for sale and you can't. I hope your still fighting this. I'd love to see you back on ebay. Although different, I have been enjoying your recent posts. Best to you.

  5. I love that couch! I wish my t.s had cool stuff like that but it is mostly junk