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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eden's Goodwill shirt in California

While in California, I frequented the local Goodwill.  This was a special day, a day where I was to drive off on my own without 5 kids and leave the counselor in charge of holding down the fort.  I was savoring a few hours on my own, when Mayer approached me, begging to come.  I’m always up for some one-on-one time, plus Mayer is a great shopper.  
Here he is in a jacket he picked out.  He wore it almost the entire trip.  I think he liked the cool weather.  
He has his own sense of style and always seems to find just what he wants.  He likes his Lebron James shirt enough to wear every day.
Mayer and I drove into Costa Mesa, the town next to Newport.  I could hardly wait to get out of the car.
While there, I found some great things for Eden.  This little French designer heart shirt was $1.99.
I made it a point to document all the places she went in this little shirt.
At the beach with Goodwill shirt.
Her little binky fell in the sand more times then I'd like to mention.  
I couldn't catch her fast enough to wash it off before she stuck in back in her mouth.  If it wasn't for the French designer shirt and Beyonce Dereon jeans, she'd look like a little orphan.  
Loving up with Daddy.
Learning to walk on the board walk.  She's talking steps on her own.  
"Any day now," I tell myself and my baby will be walking on her own.  Where has the time gone?
Eden loved the ocean.  I'd put her in the sand and she'd crawl to the water every time. 
Goodwill shirt with Snow White.
and Belle.  Eden seems quite smitten with her.
Asleep in our Goodwill $7.99 baby backpack with the characters from Toy Story.
Watching the princesses in the parade.
Eden, who was teething with a low-grade fever, seemed to love it all, even still.
Small World, which Mayer said was his favorite ride.
“Mom, you know that man who made this place?” he said.
“Walt Disney,” I replied.
“Yeah, he was a good maker.”
I agree with Mayer.  My favorite Small World display?
The Hawaiian Hula Dancers.  
I remember them from when I was a kid.  My dad says he took me on
Small World over and over again.
Reef cried through every firework spectacular.  Poor little guy.  
He just wouldn't warm up to the idea of fire works in synch with beautiful music.
Each night, I wrapped Eden up in her flannel P.J.'s from Goodwill.  It was colder then she's used to.
Other then a few Disneyland purchases, all our souvenirs came from Goodwill.
Unlike Disneyland souvenirs, they're not broken and already in the trash.

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