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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trash to Cash Wednesday!

Another fantastic week on ebay- This really is a great season to be selling. Let's take a look at my top sellers...It's fun to find really cute items to sell, but even better when they're new with tags. This new with tags Chadwicks size 16 denim dress sold for $10.47
Chico's is a consistant seller for me. Tops, pants, travelers; it doesn't seem to matter what it is. The key to selling Chico's, however, is to make sure you convert their sizes. They use a 0-3 size scale. O=Small, 1=Medium, 2=Large and 3=xlarge. As with most clothing the xlarge sells best. Make sure you include the number and the size conversion in each of your Chico's listings in order to get the most attention. This Chico's size 1 (Medium) Black Floral Print Silk Top sold for $11.00.
I went to a yard sale weekend before last and found lots of Ann Taylor- a consistant ebay seller. The only problem- The seller was asking $2.00 a piece. I really hate to pay more than $1.00 and I find so many items for $1.00 that I was about to walk away. Lucky for me I decided to ask, "If I buy several items, could you do $1.00 each." They were sweet and said yes. I ended up buying 17 items of clothing. All of these items sold in the first week! Here's some highlights.
Ann Taylor size XSmall silk pink sweater set 14.50
Ann Taylor Size Small Silk Sweater set $15.50
Ann Taylor Size Small black silk sweater set 14.26. Overall, I made over $100.00 on my $17.00 investment- I kept a shirt for myself and one for a friend. Glad I asked if they'd lower their price!
Bebe is a new brand to me. A few weeks ago I sold a New With Tags Bebe skirt for $32.00 so when I found this Bebe size 4 tan striped jacket I thought I'd give it a try. It sold for $14.99- I may experiment with this brand some more!
If I haven't mentioned it before, leather is a good seller on ebay- even when there's no name brand or in this case size. This Women's black leather skirt sold for $15.50
The trouser jean is all the rage right now. I found these Women's Levis size 16 545 Wide Leg trouser Jean for $3.00 at a garage sale- I know I just said I don't like to pay more than $1.00- but for a nice jean I'm willing to invest a little- Glad I did, they were my top seller this week at $26.00. Let's see how the week turned out...

Ebay Profits:$729.26
Craigslist Profits:0
Costs: 74.50(clothes), 147.87(ebay fees), 40.83 (paypal fees)
Total Profit:$466.06

The next item on the what will ebay pay for list? New cordless phones for our house. The ones we currently have randomly disconnect people and don't stay charged. It's time to invest in some quality phones! If you've had good luck with a particular brand or model- please share. Love, Kelly.


  1. I have had several items of clothing listed over the past 2 weeks..testing the waters..brand names even ..Nautica, Laura Ashley, Talbots, Coldwater Creek, ..anyway so far I have only sold 1 XXL mans woolrich shirt. It did very well..I paid .99 for it and it sold for 17.50. No luck so far with any other clothes. I have sold several other items though. I'll keep trying, for a while and see how it goes! I have been on e-bay since 2004. It's a love-hate relationship!

  2. You mentioned testing the brand bebe in this post. I just have to say I am not sure about it myself. I have two bebe items listed right now that have been on for weeks with no sale. The funny thing is that striped jacket you just sold matches the pants I have listed. Hopfully they find my pants for a perfect suit:)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. hey kelly! i love your blog! i sell clothing on ebay. i wanted to know how many things you post a week. and at what price do you usually start? the amount you make per week is usually the amount that i make a month. how do you do it??