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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Decor!

Just a little peek at our Halloween decorations. This is definitely not a holiday we go all out for, but each year I try to add a few fun things to keep the kids happy. Here's our candy table...
We started this last year when we saw Martha Stewarts cute labels...
A closer look at the labels...
The glittered spider webs that are under the jars are also from last year. You can find directions for those here
I'm always collecting glass jars, so it's fun to be able to display them full of treats.

A new addition this year were the halloween hang-ups.
I made these using Martha Stewarts directions here . Another new addition were our mice...
Another Martha Stewart creation you can find here. This is the second year for our bats...
After a big storm we had to replace most of them, but they're easy to make. The template came from country living here. It's fun to include the kids in decorating for the holidays. Most of these crafts were made with paper and a little glue so everyone helped. Hope you enjoyed a peek at our version of Halloween decor. Love, Kelly.


  1. Halloween is fun, though. I was surprised when I was in California those 18 plus months that they really go whole hog there with the Halloween decorations. Whole houses blink orange and black. And goblins everywhere. In action. I should have had a camera then.

  2. love your Halloween Candy table and all the glass jars of goodies! I need to make the Martha Stewart hangups and mice! Thanks for letting me know where to find the patterns and directions!