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Monday, August 30, 2010

This weeks Garaging Finds

Another fabulous weekend, let's take a look...Now for some prices...
This metal lamp with fun feather trim shade was just $2.00. The set of 3 metal stars $5.00 (they still have the original price tags on back and were $40.00 new) and what is that little gem in front of the stars? A cheese dome! I redid one of these a while back, you can see it here, and have been looking for another one ever since. It was $2.00. There's also a little wood box from pier 1 imports. Inside are two new decks of cards and 6 wood dice for .50.
I love these New York and Rome pictures. They have really nice heavy frames and the original price tags of $39.99 each on the back. I paid $2.50 each. The red lantern light is electric and will look great outside, it was $1.00.
A MONOPOLY Game! So excited because this is a new theme for me: Looney Tunes. That means eight new metal game pieces for my collection. I paid $1.00. The "K" initial is for a project I'm working on- it was $1.00 and the fluer de lis picture frame was $1.00.
This bear is part of the Boyd Bear investment collectibles- I paid $10.00, which may seem like a ton to some of you, but I'm a Boyd Bear collector and this guy cost $175.00 new- I had to have him for my collection.
The three tied wire holder thingies were purchased at two separate garage sales for $1.00 each. I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but two is always better than one, right? The vintage looking metal flour container was .50.
These cute little enamel bowls were $1.00 for the set and the square glass jar was $1.00. Now, I'm going to confess something about my past that may seem shocking. It may actually ruin my credibility with you, my fellow blog readers (If I had any credibility to begin with) Many years ago I was a Tupperware sales person. I know, I know, shocking! I sold the famous plastic for a little over two years and in the process became a manager and even earned a Tupperware mini-van (you get to drive it as long as you keep selling) I really do love their products and used some of my profits to buy the modular mates containers for my pantry. They are quite expensive, but keep baking supplies and snacks fresh. I was just thinking I needed a few more containers when I saw a big box at a yard sale this weekend. I could see a few of the modular mate sizes I needed so I asked how much. The guy says, $10.00 for the whole box. It was a big box and these modular mates can run as much as $20.00 each, new- but I still had to offer $5. The wife replies, "I can't go any lower than $8. SOLD. Here's what was in the box...
A plithera of modular mates- 40 to be exact. That's less than .25 each. I've already washed and filled some of these with our favorite snacks, there are several that I'll resale- probably enough to pay for the box and make a nice little profit. I just love garage sales. However, this was not my most profitable purchase this weekend. Take a look at the next photo...
Although it appears to be my laundry piling up, these are actually the clothes I purchased this weekend at sales. At one particular sale Mr. Right found a Lane Bryant suit coat and called my attention to it (I just love that man). As I started to look through the boxes of clothes- most of which were Lane Bryant plus size (such a good seller on ebay) the owner came over and annouced that all the clothes were 10 cents!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I even found a new with tags denim skirt- origianl price 49.50. I picked up 26 items for $2.60. Again, gotta love garage sales. I'm going to try and keep track of these 26 items and see just how much I make on ebay over the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted. Hope you found great finds too. Love, Kelly.


  1. You are always so lucky! Garage sale season seems to be winding down here already. It always makes me sad to see it end.

  2. Wow Kelly what awesome finds!!!! The bear is a great addition to your collection and a great deal on him girl!! I just love everything you found. Good for you and have a great week!

    Hugs ~ Laura

  3. Wow, I want to go to garage sales with you!

  4. holy moly that's a lot! i love those wire tiered things. don't know what i'd do with them, but for a buck i'd figure it out! you got great deals on all your goods. so jealous!

  5. WOW! Just WOW! That's all I can come up with to say. You are amazing in every way. And that tupperware find...amazing! Why would you be embarrassed to tell us you sold tupperware. It's a good product, and clearly you were awesome at it, mini van and all.

    Love all your finds.

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! You hit the jackpot!! I never sold TW, but can not pass it up, when I see it, thrifting. Can't wait to see how much you get for all those clothes....
    Great finds....

  7. Great finds! You have the best garage sales to rummage! I would love to see a post of your collections:). Monopoly collection sounds interesting. I bet your house is beautiful inside because the pictures of your finds every week are.

  8. What great finds for your garage saleing!! So many of those items I would be oozing over. I love the three tiered baskets, I would LOVE to paint them turquoise!

  9. Wow! All I can say is WOW!

    Wait... all those clothes for under $3? I love those stars and those pictures are Awesome!! Great finds, and the hubs sounds like tons of fun to shop with :D

  10. Oh you did so good. I love it all. I especially love the stars and all the tupperware. Fabulous. Hugs, Marty