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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ebay, I love you and Follow the Golden Grahah Cash - Week 8

Oh, EBAY.  How I love you.

So, how am I doing with Follow the Golden Graham Cash?
 I found 5 more articles of clothing at Goodwill on $dollar day and paid for them with the $5.00 Discover Gift Card I won in a box of Golden Grahams.
I have to admit, I enjoy watching what happens each week too.  Selling trash I buy for "free" on EBay is so much like gambling.  
I'm an addict.
This Women's Chico's Size 3 XL Linen Knee Length Black Dress sold for $8.99.  It might be a little out dated, but it's still a Chico's Linen Dress.
                                     It's a bit last decade, but it's clean and full of summer potential. It sold for $6.99.
Can you believe I paid $1.00 for these Venezia NWT $49 Plus Size 18 Wide Leg Trouser Jeans.  I felt they should be posted at $14.99 and that's what they sold for.
The color chocolate brown was very "in" last season.  Is it still?  I think so.  These Women's Gap Size 12 Long Chocolate Brown Khakis Pants sold for $8.99.  Plus, it helped that they were a long.
 Why did these Women's Ralph Lauren Polo NWT Size 8 Tan Cargo Shorts not sale?  I find shorts have slowed down for now, so I'll store these away for next spring. 
So, what did I make this week?
Once I subtract the $5.00 for next weeks purchases, I made $34.96.
What have I made in total?
The counselor and I are saving up to go to Sedona next month for our 12 year wedding anniversary.  
Now that's a worthy goal.
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  1. I just sold a pair of skorts this week, but the shorts I have listed have not sold. Thoughts are turning towards Fall weather!

    Mary Ellen

  2. Just stopped by and loved the ebay video. Nice to stop by and leave with a smile!

  3. Oh my gosh! I totally know that floor!