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Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Universe Has Your Back

I’m passionate about many things – great hair, the perfect oatmeal cookie recipe and understanding this whole power of positive thinking thing. Throughout my life, I’ve understood on some level that our thoughts predicate our actions and we become what we think, but not until I started intermittent fasting three years ago did I realize the law of attraction/the power of now/eternal optimism,etc. was an actual study (it comes in a variety of different names too). What I mean by study is there is a world of truth to learn taught by many different authors who each have a list of daily practices/thoughts/habits to apply. The learning never stops and from what I can tell, I don’t want it to because then, the excitement would end. From what I understand, no one can ever master this intentional mind set because every day we are curious and a new experience blows our mind – yet again.

I forgot to buy the almond milk. Yes, with all this life-changing power to become heroes and build worlds over here I forget to bring home our beloved almond milk. My son Chandler was the first to notice this devastating reality. He worked early the next day and would need it for breakfast, so he offered to run to the store. Before he left, I told him to take a $20 bill from my wallet. He stuffed the money in his pocket, ran out the door and 15 minutes later he was back with four quarts of almond milk and a very sour face.

“What’s wrong,” I asked.

Chandler set the milk on the counter and started taking it out of the bag. “I went to pay for the milk, reached into my pocket and the $20 bill must have fallen out. It wasn’t there,” he said. He’d apologized to the cashier and ran out to his car to get his wallet he’d left in the console.

“I paid for the milk with my own money,” Chandler said. “It’s ok, you don’t have to pay me back. I’m the one that lost the money."

This didn’t settle with me well. Since Chandler had come home from his mission, he’d scrapped for work here and there, mowing lawns, washing windows and trimming trees. He’d applied for dozens of jobs and was getting married in a month. 

To me and obviously to Chandler, this was about more then $20. Did God have his back? Would God provide? Chandler already knew the answer was a resounding yes, but I said a pray that God would manifest at this very moment in this very situation. I just knew God would take care of it.

How? That’s the fun part.

Chandler with Payson a few weeks ago.

“I checked in the car, on the ground where I parked the car, in the store,” Chandler said as we talked about it. He was discouraged. This had let him down.

I told Chandler a story I would never forget. When my sister Krista was 19, she’s left $100 in her car parked in my parent’s driveway. The next morning, as she was leaving for work, she couldn’t find the money and was certain someone had stolen it.

My dad came outside and spent a few minutes with her looking in the console, underneath the seat and on the ground. Krista was in tears. She was barely making ends meet.

“You know,” my dad kindly said, “these things happened and I can’t help but wonder whoever has it probably needs it more then you.”

He reached into his pocket, opened his own wallet and took out $100. “Here, you take this and don’t worry about your money anymore.”

Wow! Krista’s face lit up. What a gift. To know we can lose but still be ok, that’s pretty cool.
Chandler, I want you to take another $20 bill out of my wallet. It’s alright. Keep it.” I said.
“No mom, you don’t have to do that,” Chandler said when his phone rang.

It was his brother Mayer asking for a ride. He was at a friend’s house only a few minute away. Chandler grabbed his keys when I had an idea.

“Why don’t you call the store and see if anyone turned in a $20 bill.”

I heard Chandler make the call. “Really,” he said. “Ok, thanks. I’ll be right there.”

Aren't they adorable together!

The manager had found the $20 bill in an aisle. Wow! How wonderful is that.
How often do we think a bad situation won’t get better? How often do we have miracles that go unnoticed? I don’t want to forget a single one! This is small, but it’s huge. The universe has got our back. God doesn’t miss a single thing.
Chandler with Eden.

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