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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Vintage Bird Press - My New Publishing House

I’ve had a dream for several years that seemed to big. Some days I would push the dream aside.  I would remind myself it was too much; even nearly impossible, but I kept believing.  So significant was this dream, I started actually dreaming about it. No surprise, it had something to do with writing – a passion of mine that grows bigger by the minute.  So what was it? 
I wanted my own publishing house.

Could I do it?  Could I start my own publishing house?  During my 30-day fast, which eventually lead to a year long experience of learning to believe in myself on such a deep level, learned to prioritize my time, learning to take risks and stop making excuses, that I finally had no choice but to live out my dream. 

Vintage Bird Press was born Fall 2016 and I have published two books. 

Starving Girl on Amazon and Kindle.

What Has Your Sister Done on Amazon and Kindle.

I have more upcoming releases and am working with several other authors, but for now I’d wanted to introduce my next work-in-progress, another collection of stories I feel very passionately about.

I’ve noticed a beautiful trend lately, where teenagers and young adults are taking their school breaks or vacation time to serve others. My sister Anna went to Vietnam to build homes, my brother Sam served the refugees in Greece and my sister Rachel went to South America to help with clean drinking water.   My red-headed neighbor’s daughter spent her spring break in Mexico building homes for those in need. I’ve watched them, and others, come back with a new perspective on life and greater purpose.  What did they learn?  Experience?  Who did they meet?  I want to know about the country, culture and more.  And Exceedingly Great Was There Joy – True Stories of  Young People and their Extraordinary Acts of Service is the book I’m now working on in hopes to keep these stories alive for others to enjoy and be inspired by.  If you know someone who has been involved in such a service project, please have them email me at or 

If you would like to submit your story, here are some ideas on how to start:

Write your story the same way you would write a journal or diary entry.  Write about how you felt and how your story progressed.  Share what ever you feel. 
Start with prayer or meditation.  Allow your mind to open up to your experience.
You might want to outline from beginning to end to give yourself a point of reference if necessary.  Think of specifics.  Sights, smells and sounds.
Write down the key people who shaped the story?  What were your pivotal experiences with them?
What is it you want to share?  What have you learned?  What would you change?  Did you see God’s hand in your situation? 

If you would like any help writing your story, it would be my pleasure to assist you.  The interview will take about an hour and can be done over the phone or in person.  Thank you for inspiring me with your heart, love for others and desire to make the world a better place.

By submitting to And Exceedingly Great Was There Joy, you allow Laura Lofgreen and Vintage Bird Press the rights to publish your story.

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