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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kind and Sweet Little Things

There are too many to count, but I had to share these tender moments I've had recently.

Last night as I was laying Mayer down for bedtime, Eden asked about a picture he has hanging on his wall.  

I’m not sure where Mayer found this photo.  It’s from about 8 years ago when he was just a baby.  I thought I’d had it tucked away in some scrapbook, but Mayer had found it and hung it on his wall.
“I love that picture of you,” I told him.  “You were such a smiley baby and look, you’re holding a little motorcycle.”
“I hung it up because Grandma is in it,” he said.

Sure enough, looking past his bright one-year old eyes is his beautiful Grandma Lofgreen.  

She passed away last spring and my kid’s are having a difficult time with it. 
I thought back to that day, Easter 2006.  Grandma had made a ham and scalloped potatoes.  Her and Grandpa had hid eggs in the yard.  Little did we know in a few short years, she’d be gone.
Love.  I love that Mayer knows his Grandma loves him.     

I was particularly tired a few nights ago when I heard Eden crying.  The counselor was helping her get ready for bed.  Teeth brushed, pj’s on, prayers said – so what was the problem?  I was too tired for meltdowns and as soon as she rushed in the door I told her she was to go back to bed and lay down. 
“Mommy’s had a long day,” I said.  “You need to go back to bed.”
“But, Mommy,” she said, “I forgot to pray for the baby in your tummy.  Can we say another prayer?”
Yeah, that got my attention.  Love that sweet girl and her articulate prayers.

I was at church on Sunday and the last class had just finished.  I was hungry and tired and the high-heeled shoes I’d worn were not the best choice for a pregnant woman!  The counselor and I gathered up the kids when Payson came running up to me. 
“Hurry, Mom.  Come here,” he announced.
“Payson, we’re all going to the car now,” I said.
“Please,” and he grabbed at my hand. 
“What is it?” I impatiently wanted to know.
He pulled me down the hallway until we stopped right next to a friend of mine who is also pregnant.  However, her pregnancy has been so rough she’s been in and out of the hospital.  She is so nauseous she has suffered and fainted.  She can’t even keep water down at times.  I’ve offered to watch her sweet little daughters off and on so she can rest.
“Mom, can you set up another time we can watch her kids,” Payson asked.  I guess Payson didn't remember the name of the mother, so he had to physically take me to her so I would know.  My friend’s little daughter reached up to Payson and he gave her a hug.  
Here they are at their playdate.
Mayer got in on the action too.

Pregnancy although wonderful, doesn’t necessarily make me feel beautiful.  I can’t see my feet anymore.  Nothing fits and I’m only getting bigger.  A few weeks ago I was looking through my closet before date night.  Was there anything cute I could where that wasn’t black yoga pants!  I pulled out a denim shirt my sister-in-law had recently give me, found a pair of pants with just enough spandex they still fit and did up my make-up.  Once out the door, the counselor put his arms around me and whispered in my ear “You’re so beautiful when you’re pregnant.”  Although the counselor is always full of compliments, I had been feeling low for several days.  How did he know what I needed to hear?  My insecurities swept away.  The words entered my heart and made a permanent impression.  
If my husband thinks me beautiful, that’s good enough for me.  That sweet compliment has carried me ever since.

My dad (who lives two houses down the street from us) will bring home children bikes from thrift stores and fix them up for his grandkids.  When we all visit, there can be up to 10 little kids peddling Grandpa’s bikes up and down the street.  A few days ago, I noticed our little neighbor’s bike tire was flat.  This didn’t stop him from riding it up and down the street, keeping up with my kids as they raced and jumped off burms.  A little while later, Mayer and the little neighbor came up the street from Grandpa’s pulling a different bike.  Mayer had found a bike just the right size for the neighbor, but the chain was off.   I watched as Mayer went to the tool box and took the tool he needed to fix the bike and offer it to the neighbor boy.  All fixed, they raced until sunset. 

My sweet neighbor Diane loves to thrift.  This Saturday was ½ day at Goodwill at to my surprise, she bought bag after bag of baby boy clothes.  How did she know I’d given away all my boy clothes and baby supplies years ago?  All washed and ready to go.  

Diane also comes over and helps with the evening dishes.  

She was recently baptized and we've so bonded over this spiritual journey.

When Diane found out Eden was Mary for the Christmas nativity, she found her the best baby Jesus.
How did I get so blessed to have a neighbor like Diane?

I’ve heard this song a hundred times, but today it has new meaning to me. 
Toby Mac – Speak Life
Our positive words and actions can make such a difference in other’s lives.
I know God is looking out for me.

Everyday there are so many beautiful experiences that keep me present.
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  1. Thanks for sharing your stories. I enjoyed each and every one. You and your husband are raising awesome children. Best wishes on your pregnancy.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

    1. Thank you, Susie. Sometimes I feel like they are doing a great job of raising me. :)

  2. Love these stories -each one offering its tender portion to share with your unknown readers. Thanks! This day as we went to the grocery store, my 6-year-old told me "I love how you talk to me. You say such nice words to me. I want to give you a kiss." JanL

  3. I love your sweet stories. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. sweet stories - loved each and every one

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