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Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Fun & the Haboob

Looking for what to entertain themselves, the boys have been stacking cups.
and having competitions on who can stack the highest.
Eden tries her own version of playing with cups.
This summer I've had very little time for thrifting, but I did find this amazing dresser last week for $95.
(Here it is at Qcumberz, the shop)
I could tell by the wood and finish it was expensive.  Inside the drawer, was this label.
I looked up the manufacturer here and found out this dresser sells new for $2,000.
I don't want to paint this piece because the wood is just gorgeous.
The counselor buys another dresser for me to paint.  Most men bring their wife home flowers, but I like myself a beautiful dresser even more.
I paint it my best-selling color; black with silver fixtures.
The counselor moves dressers from one part of the carport back into the garage because 
. . . of a little dust.
The latest haboob rainstorm really ran a number on a few pieces of furniture that I had left outside, but the counselor pulled them into the garage as fast as he could.
Now today, it's time to dust things off and get back to work.
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  1. Cups are amazing! My mom had bought a bunch of (probably 2 oz) dixie cups that we used to stack and build pyramids and such all the time when we were younger! I'm glad the tradition lives on!

  2. what a difference! that dresser looks so chic now!