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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To Paint or Not To Paint?

I recently received the following email about the below dresser I sold last week:

I bought my first piece from my dear trash this past week!  You weren't there I met "The Counselor" and a few of the kiddos.  Wow what a garage, like a small thrift store with only the good stuff!

Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for not painting your thrift store finds.  I find too many vintage pieces on craigslist already 'refinished' and I was glad to find a great piece from you unaltered.  I thought I'd show you how it ended up looking in my place.
Hello Interior Decorator!

I wanted to share this email and photo because it proves a great point.  I sell plenty of dressers as-is because many of my customers either want to paint themselves to suit their own taste or want it unaltered.  Many times, I simply post my furniture on craigslist as-is because I've had customers buy the piece, then request I paint it to their specific taste (that's my favorite thing ever).  

As an artist, I love the drama of painting a beautiful dresser.  It’s so satisfying, but I’m happy this specific piece of vintage furniture found a good home.  Doesn’t it look gorgeous!

Now, I do have this dresser that's sat in my garage for almost a month.
Since it hasn't sold, it might need a little drama to get a bit more attention.  To totally prove the exact opposite point, I think I'm ready to paint this dresser something fierce.  I just can't help myself.


  1. Thanks for posting my email, I'm glad you like the buffet in my room. And thanks again for finding my new treasure.

  2. Are we entering for the trashy weekend giveaway still? I want all thje chances I can get!

  3. If that dresser in the bottom picture is still available I am interested! would you please let me know- working on a nursery over here :)

  4. OHMYGOSH Laura I'm dying that this is YOUR blog!! Haha, I saw how cute your site was and have been back-reading and saw MY dresser. I love it!! I already refinished it and am dying to meet you someday, you're totally my kind of DIY furniture gal! LOVE my dresser, it'll be on the blog in the next couple weeks, as soon as I'm finished wainscoting my master.

    (: Kelli