Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Making Peace with the Apples

Sunday is a special day at our house because the counselor and I don’t work (unless you count cooking, cleaning and taking care of 5 kids work), well any work that makes us money that is.

Sunday morning our entire household sleeps in.

Looks like Princess Peanut is awake.

I woke up Sunday and leaned over to give the counselor a kiss, but he was gone. This was unusual. I knew he wasn’t at work, so where was he?

Around 9:00am, the back door opens and in comes the counselor, sweating from the already 100 degree temperature. He’s carrying a gigantic box full of apples.

About 4 years ago, we planted an apple tree in our backyard. The tree is a hybrid of three different types of apple; granny smith, golden delicious and yellow transparent. A neighbor with a green thumb said this type of apple tree grows great in Arizona.

“He was right,” I thought as I stared at about 1,000 apples.

My first thought when I saw the box of apples was “What am I going to do with all those apples?”

In other words, the apples stressed me out.

The box of apples was placed on the floor by the table and that’s where they sat for almost a week.

Every time I walked by the box, it was like the apples were mocking me.

“We’re going to have brown spots before you know it and instead of dealing with us you’re doing laundry,” they said.

“What do we have to do get you to notice us? Please do something with us” they cried.

Alright, already. I hear your pleas. I’ll make you into something special.

Finally, I was able to make peace with the apples.


Applesauce cookies

Applesauce chocolate cake

Apple crisp

No more apples mocking me. I'm too busy eating.


  1. Way to show those apples :) Everything looks absolutely yummy!!

  2. You taught those apples a lesson! Humh...I think I am hungry now.....

  3. Nothing is more beautiful than a sleeping child! What a lovely post to read this morning, thank you.

    Take care, Sue

  4. I too love Sunday mornings - sleeping late (our church-Rock Bridge in Dalton, Georgia) has Thursday night services, so it's the newspapers (2) and Cinnamon rolls for us!

  5. ohhhh you could have made apple butter in the crockpot...yummy and so easy...peel the apples, slice and pile in crockpot add about 2 cups of sugar, a couple of tbsp of lemon juice cinnamon to taste and cook over night in the crockpot use your blender stick to puree to apple butter consistency, you can hot water bathe them or just refrigerate. At our house refrigerating is fine because they eat it so fast...

  6. I would have loved to have been a guest in your home!! :)

  7. I can come help eliminate the apple goodies at your house. They look wonderful.

  8. Giggling over here! Mocking apples. I loved the way you wrapped up A-Z Thursdays by paying homage to getting some Zs (your kids look like angels when they're asleep) and As all wrapped up together.

  9. Yummy treats, I do same thing with my blackberries. I go and pick them and then they sit for a couple of days until I can decide what I want to do with them.

  10. Beautiful sleeping Zzzzzz's and yummy apple treats! Happy Z day to you!

  11. that's a lot of baking, bet the kids are in heaven :D

  12. Super ‘Z’ post – love all those treats you made with all those apples! Great ideas for my apple tree too!

    Have a lovely weekend,


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  13. Great Z post. Your kids are gorgeous. I'm glad you figured out what to do with all those apples lol.

  14. I agree with the other Sue (above) about sleeping children. Nothin' better!

    And those apple dishes are killin' me...


  15. Nice pics of your zzzzz kids and apple dishes! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Well, happy Z day :)
    oh sorry, I should have whispered that ...

    It has been 26 weeks of fun, and your mocking apples prove my point :) Glad you were able to take them out!

    hope you can visit my z when you have time :)

  17. Cute post of sleeping kids. The apple goodies look delicious! ~ Sarah

  18. the sleeping pics...and teh one of your wide awake princess :o)

    And yummm! It sure looks like you showed them apples that you weren't fooling around! Enjoy the fruits of your labor :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  19. What a cute stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Z".

    I'm really happy you zipped those apples into submission! Everything looked yummy.

    Sometimes too much of even a good thing is just, well, too much!

    Thanks for linking!

    This was a cute stop.


  20. Did you buy your hybrid apple tree online or locally? Please post the website if online! Thanks!

  21. I'll be over in five minutes with a fork!