Thursday, January 12, 2017

What Has Your Sister Done? Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy

I’m working on a book called What Has Your Sister Done? Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy

What Has Your Sister Done? is a collection of stories about girls who faced an unplanned pregnancy and what they decided to do about it.  Some may have kept the baby while others may have placed their baby up for adoption or terminated their pregnancy through abortion.  Because many aspects of unplanned pregnancy aren’t talked about, I’m hoping these stories will open the door and help someone in the same situation, after all, our stories are more powerful than we realize. 

If you want to help, here’s what you can do: 
Write your story.  This can be done the same way you would write a journal or diary entry.  Write about how you felt and how your story progressed.  Share whatever you feel.  There is no judgment here.  Remember, your story just may be what someone else needs to read. 

Stories can be submitted anonymously or you can request names be changed.  You can email stories to or message me on facebook.  I need your story by January 31, 2017. Please message me if you need more time or would like help writing your story.  I can conduct an interview over the phone that takes about an hour.  It has been such a tender experience to hear these heartfelt stories.  By submitting your story, I reserve the right to have your story in What Has Your Sister Done?

Also, if you know someone who has had an unplanned pregnancy, please pass this information on to them.  Feel free to contact me is you have any questions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

More thoughts on writing your story?

Start with prayer or meditation.  Allow your mind to open up to your memory.
Outline your experience from beginning to end to give yourself a point of reference if necessary.
Write down the key people who shaped the story?  What were your pivotal experiences with them?
Ask yourself?  What is it I want to share?  Some parts of your story may be too private?  If so, give yourself permission to submit your story anonymously.  Does this help you feel like you can be more honest?  See what you feel comfortable with.
What is it you’ve learned?  What would you change?  Did you see God’s hand in your situation or not? 

Let me know if you have any other questions.  


  1. When you say unplanned do you mean only when you are not married? Our second was a surprise. Much sooner than planned. But I learned I loved the gap of only 19 months and planned that with future pregnancies. Blessing

    1. I have a story for you as I was reading the 3rd of the 4 books I bought from your Mother when she spoke at the IANDS Meeting in SLC UT. She asked if I minded sharing it with you. I can't seem to make it fit.I'll email it to you and you can edit out any part which you find unnecessary or make any other changes you may wish to leave out the last paragraph but even cutting that out plus more that I wrote to your Mom it won't fit. Email me at and I'll send it to you and you can figure out how you'd like to do it.

      Kim C

    2. Thank you Kim, I will email you today. I feel so blessed to have your support.

    3. Hello Mama's Makin's. I'm speaking of both. I've collected stories from single girls and women and married women. This book is not a prolife or prochoice book nor is it political. Each story stands on its own and the reader is left to interpret his or her own ideas and convictions. Every story I’ve collected has changed me in some way. I’m compiling these stories and as I read each one, I’m just crying. To consider the love, the strength, many times the abuse, the loneliness, the uncertainty, the judgment, I mean these stories are the most real things I’ve ever read. Those of you who have faced unplanned pregnancy, what ever you’ve done, you are my heroes. Society hasn’t been fair to you. Of all the things for society to shame, a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy is NOT one of them. Shame and guilt have got to go. These stories are breaking free from all that and show how strong and resilient women really are. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to those who have supported this project. Each story of unplanned pregnancy stands as a witness to what is going on in our society, how each sister stands in an unforeseen place and with a leap of faith, does the best she can.